Commit b1c88e33 authored by Will Thompson's avatar Will Thompson

Set 'server' parameter on GTalk accounts.

This stops us depending on properly-configured SRV records.
'fallback-servers' is not good enough in this situation:

 •'s XMPP stuff is served by Google Apps;
 • your router breaks SRV requests;
 • resolves to which has a (different) XMPP server
   listening on port 5222.

This may seem far-fetched, but this happened to two completely different
people, both hosted with Dreamhost.
parent 98d8ab19
......@@ -600,7 +600,8 @@ empathy_protocol_chooser_create_account_settings (EmpathyProtocolChooser *self)
empathy_account_settings_set_icon_name_async (settings, "im-google-talk",
empathy_account_settings_set_string (settings, "server",
empathy_account_settings_set_strv (settings, "fallback-servers",
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