Commit a82dcc2f authored by David Laban's avatar David Laban

account-assistant: make impl_signal_apply() behave more like impl_signal_prepare()

Fixes b.g.o#615734

current_page only seems to be == PAGE_ENTER_CREATE the first time you visit the page.
After that, it has been seen to be 4 or larger. impl_signal_prepare() currently checks
for >=, so I'm copying that, and also dealing with refs in the same way.

This patch probably probably actually hides a bug in how current_page is set, because
I can't see how it should be set >= 4 because the enum only goes up to 3. I'll look into
that now, but the patch is tested and works.
parent a5874f27
......@@ -901,11 +901,13 @@ impl_signal_apply (GtkAssistant *assistant)
else if (current_page == PAGE_ENTER_CREATE &&
else if (current_page >= PAGE_ENTER_CREATE &&
priv->settings != NULL &&
empathy_account_settings_is_valid (priv->settings))
account_assistant_apply_account_and_finish (self, priv->settings, TRUE);
g_object_unref (priv->settings);
priv->settings = NULL;
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