Commit a7422e3a authored by Guillaume Desmottes's avatar Guillaume Desmottes

account-widget-irc: set password-prompt param when needed (#644406)

parent 9d201c64
......@@ -99,6 +99,49 @@ network_changed_cb (EmpathyIrcNetworkChooser *chooser,
empathy_account_widget_changed (settings->self);
* set_password_prompt_if_needed:
* If @password is not empty, this function sets the 'password-prompt' param
* on @ac_settings. This will ensure that Idle actually asks for the password
* when connecting.
* Return: %TRUE if the password-prompt param has been changed
static gboolean
set_password_prompt_if_needed (EmpathyAccountSettings *ac_settings,
const gchar *password)
gboolean prompt;
prompt = !tp_str_empty (password);
if (prompt == empathy_account_settings_get_boolean (ac_settings,
return FALSE;
empathy_account_settings_set_boolean (ac_settings, "password-prompt",
return TRUE;
static void
entry_password_changed_cb (GtkEntry *entry,
EmpathyAccountWidgetIrc *settings)
const gchar *password;
EmpathyAccountSettings *ac_settings;
g_object_get (settings->self, "settings", &ac_settings, NULL);
password = gtk_entry_get_text (entry);
set_password_prompt_if_needed (ac_settings, password);
g_object_unref (ac_settings);
EmpathyIrcNetworkChooser *
empathy_account_widget_irc_build (EmpathyAccountWidget *self,
const char *filename,
......@@ -106,6 +149,8 @@ empathy_account_widget_irc_build (EmpathyAccountWidget *self,
EmpathyAccountWidgetIrc *settings;
EmpathyAccountSettings *ac_settings;
GtkWidget *entry_password;
const gchar *password;
settings = g_slice_new0 (EmpathyAccountWidgetIrc);
settings->self = self;
......@@ -114,6 +159,7 @@ empathy_account_widget_irc_build (EmpathyAccountWidget *self,
"table_irc_settings", table_common_settings,
"vbox_irc", &self->ui_details->widget,
"table_irc_settings", &settings->vbox_settings,
"entry_password", &entry_password,
/* Add network chooser button */
......@@ -146,6 +192,18 @@ empathy_account_widget_irc_build (EmpathyAccountWidget *self,
g_object_unref (ac_settings);
/* Automatically set password-prompt when needed */
password = empathy_account_settings_get_string (ac_settings, "password");
if (set_password_prompt_if_needed (ac_settings, password))
/* Apply right now to save password-prompt */
empathy_account_settings_apply_async (ac_settings, NULL, NULL);
g_signal_connect (entry_password, "changed",
G_CALLBACK (entry_password_changed_cb), settings);
return EMPATHY_IRC_NETWORK_CHOOSER (settings->network_chooser);
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