Commit a58c4edf authored by Jonny Lamb's avatar Jonny Lamb

contact: fix typo when creating new contact from logger entity

Signed-off-by: Jonny Lamb's avatarJonny Lamb <>
parent 725cbffd
......@@ -653,8 +653,8 @@ empathy_contact_from_tpl_contact (TpAccount *account,
is_user = (TPL_ENTITY_SELF == tpl_entity_get_entity_type (tpl_entity));
retval = g_object_new (EMPATHY_TYPE_CONTACT,
"id", tpl_entity_get_alias (tpl_entity),
"alias", tpl_entity_get_identifier (tpl_entity),
"id", tpl_entity_get_identifier (tpl_entity),
"alias", tpl_entity_get_alias (tpl_entity),
"account", account,
"is-user", is_user,
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