Commit 6d87a8e7 authored by Guillaume Desmottes's avatar Guillaume Desmottes

empathy_chat_window_present_chat: always show newly created windows

We just create so we should at least show it.
parent a58c4edf
......@@ -2386,6 +2386,11 @@ empathy_chat_window_present_chat (EmpathyChat *chat,
window = empathy_chat_window_get_default (empathy_chat_is_room (chat));
if (!window) {
window = empathy_chat_window_new ();
/* we want to display the newly created window even if we don't present
* it */
priv = GET_PRIV (window);
gtk_widget_show (priv->dialog);
empathy_chat_window_add_chat (window, chat);
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