Commit 53d0828e authored by Guillaume Desmottes's avatar Guillaume Desmottes

main_window_flash_foreach: fix FolksIndividual leak

parent ea27db41
......@@ -207,10 +207,8 @@ main_window_flash_foreach (GtkTreeModel *model,
return FALSE;
contact = empathy_contact_dup_from_folks_individual (individual);
if (contact != data->event->contact) {
tp_clear_object (&contact);
return FALSE;
if (contact != data->event->contact)
goto out;
if (data->on) {
icon_name = data->event->icon_name;
......@@ -239,6 +237,7 @@ main_window_flash_foreach (GtkTreeModel *model,
gtk_tree_path_free (parent_path);
g_object_unref (individual);
tp_clear_object (&contact);
tp_clear_object (&pixbuf);
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