Commit 001c1043 authored by Guillaume Desmottes's avatar Guillaume Desmottes

Fix account creation regression

Each time we add a new account, a new page is added to the assistant. So
checking if id equal PAGE_ENTER_CREATE is not enough as the next pages will
have an id greater than that.
parent 3bda8025
......@@ -849,12 +849,17 @@ impl_signal_apply (GtkAssistant *assistant)
current_page = gtk_assistant_get_current_page (assistant);
if (current_page == PAGE_ENTER_CREATE)
if (current_page == PAGE_SALUT)
if (priv->create_salut_account)
account_assistant_apply_account_and_finish (self, priv->salut_settings);
if (current_page >= PAGE_ENTER_CREATE)
account_assistant_apply_account_and_finish (self, priv->settings);
else if (current_page == PAGE_IMPORT)
empathy_import_widget_add_selected_accounts (priv->iw);
else if (current_page == PAGE_SALUT && priv->create_salut_account)
account_assistant_apply_account_and_finish (self, priv->salut_settings);
static void
......@@ -873,7 +878,7 @@ impl_signal_prepare (GtkAssistant *assistant,
current_idx = gtk_assistant_get_current_page (assistant);
if (current_idx == PAGE_ENTER_CREATE)
if (current_idx >= PAGE_ENTER_CREATE && current_idx != PAGE_SALUT)
if (!priv->enter_create_forward)
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