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    Initial room list support. It does not works yet. · 73a749ca
    Xavier Claessens authored
    2007-07-20 Xavier Claessens  <xclaesse@gmail.com>
    	* libempathy/Makefile.am:
    	* libempathy/empathy-tp-roomlist.h:
    	* libempathy/empathy-tp-roomlist.c:
    	* libempathy-gtk/empathy-chatrooms-window.c:
    	* libempathy-gtk/empathy-new-chatroom-dialog.c: Initial room list
    	support. It does not works yet.
    	* libempathy-gtk/empathy-account-widget-generic.c: Add support for all
    	types of integer and float. Fixes bug #457740 (Jamey Hicks).
    	* libempathy/empathy-tp-chat.c:
    	* libempathy-gtk/empathy-chat.c: If there is an error sending a message,
    	show an error message to the user.
    	* libempathy-gtk/empathy-accounts-dialog.c: Fix a leak, profile should
    	be unrefed after mc_account_get_profile.
    	* libempathy/empathy-utils.c:
    	* libempathy/empathy-utils.h:
    	* libempathy/empathy-tp-chatroom.c:
    	* libempathy/empathy-tp-group.h:
    	* libempathy/empathy-tp-group.c:
    	* src/empathy.c: Rename empathy_get_channel_id() to
    	empathy_inspect_channel(). We now have empathy_inspect_handle().
    	* po/POTFILES.in:
    	* libempathy/empathy-tp-contact-list.c: Set all contacts from salut
    	protocol to the "Local Network" group.
    	* libempathy/empathy-idle.c: Fix NetworkManager support.
    	* libempathy/empathy-chatroom.h: Fix indentation.
    	* libempathy-gtk/empathy-status-icon.c:
    	* libempathy-gtk/empathy-ui-utils.c:
    	* libempathy-gtk/empathy-ui-utils.h:
    	 - Iconify main window to the status icon like in rhythmbox.
    	   Fixes bug #458106 (Jaap A. Haitsma).
    	 - Rounded avatars. Fixes bug #457992 (Raphael Slinckx)
    	* Makefile.am: Fix distcheck for gtkdoc (Vincent Untz)
    	* data/empathy.desktop.in.in: Change application description
    	(Jaap A. Haitsma).
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=190
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