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      fixed date in NEWS file, as I will release today. · 7da1c54d
      James Henstridge authored
      2000-08-06  James Henstridge  <james@daa.com.au>
      	* NEWS: fixed date in NEWS file, as I will release today.
      	* README: updated the README a little.  Added note that Dia is now
      	a GNU program.
      	* dia.spec: fix up spec file.
      	* plug-ins/wpg/wpg.c: changed DIAG_NOTE stuff here as well.
      	* plug-ins/hpgl/hpgl.c: change Hans's DIAG_NOTE stuff so that we don't
      	get heaps of warnings when you turn off debugging.
      	Also made a few other warning fixes.
  8. 24 Dec, 1999 1 commit
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      updated russian translation from Valek Filippov. · 4090f6e8
      James Henstridge authored
      1999-12-24  James Henstridge  <james@daa.com.au>
      	* po/ru.po: updated russian translation from Valek Filippov.
      	* app/render_svg.c (new_svg_renderer): make output use 19991203
      	version of SVG DTD.  Use viewBox to set the extents of the view.
      	* INSTALL (FONTS): updated locations of gnome-xml and imlib.  List
      	ftp.gnome.org as the download.
      	* TODO (TODO): weeded out completed todo items and added a few extra.
      	* Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): added documentation to EXTRA_DIST.
      	* doc/sheet.dtd: first stab at a DTD for the sheet files.  It would
      	be good to get rid of the object/shape distinction and separate
      	the custom shape code out from the main application.
      	* objects/custom/README, diagram.dtd: moved to new doc directory.
      	Renamed the custom shapes README to custom-shapes.  Also updated
      	custom shape docs a bit and removed the section on sheet files, as
      	that has changed a bit.
      	* plug-ins/cgm/cgm.c (draw_image): give an error if the row length
      	of the image data is larger than the maximum cell array.  I should
      	add code to break scan lines down further in this case, but for now
      	an error message is better than an infinite loop.
      	* app/filedlg.c (file_export_ok_callback): show a dialog if we
      	couldn't determine the export filter to use.
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      Some changes from Jerome.Abela@solsoft.fr. Here is the changelog: · 7f0ad234
      Alexander Larsson authored
      1998-11-24  Alexander Larsson  <alla@lysator.liu.se>
      	* README
      	Some new documentation about handles and connectionpoints.
      	* lib/object.[ch]
      	Added functions object_add_connectionpoint and
      	object_remove_connectionpoint for handling a dynamic
      	number of connectionpoints.
      	* objects/UML/class.c:
      	Only reserve space for stereotype when it is shown.
      	These changes are from Jerome Abela <Jerome.Abela@solsoft.fr>
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