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      Merge branch 'zbrown/gresource-icons' into 'master' · 4ede4a82
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      GResource Icons
      Stop using inline pixbufs and instead use gresource
      As Gtk doesn't have native support for GResource in Gtk2 some utilities are needed
      Also simplifies object icon loading as there is now a single way to get a types icon (`dia_object_type_get_icon`) rather than multiple similar-but-not-idential implementations
      I intend to further simplify icon handling in Dia 2 but for now backwards compatability with inline icons is mantained to avoid breaking existing 3rd party objects
      Unfortunately there is quite a bit of noise as vscode tries to normalise whitespace according to editor config
      I'll leave this open a few days for comments
      See merge request !30
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      Changes proposed in code review · 69c0d45c
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