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a draft document about how to release. To be discussed.

	* RELEASE-PROCESS (new): a draft document about how to release. To
	be discussed.
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2002-05-12 Cyrille Chepelov <>
* RELEASE-PROCESS (new): a draft document about how to release. To
be discussed.
2002-05-12 Steffen Macke <>
* sheets/ re-added Misc sheet to make process
This document, at this point, is a proposal only. It attempts to
document how we intend to make the upcoming releases, in order to make
as sure as possible no stupid bugs creep in just before the release.
When a new version is about to be released:
1) The core developers agree on the version number. It's called
$VERSION thereafter.
2) Day Zero (D+0): the imminence of a release is announced. This is a
call for advanced users to pound on the CVS version.
3) D+3: a release candidate tarball is made. It is called
$VERSION-pre1. Simultaneously, a CVS tag is made with the name
"DIA_$VERSION_PRE1" (with the non-alphanumeric characters in
$VERSION replaced by underscores). $VERSION-pre1 is registered with
the Bugzilla (FIXME: only if it can later on be de-registered !)
4a) D+10: if there are no release-critical bugs in the pre-release,
then the same source (fetched from the CVS tag) is rebuilt with the
final $VERSION number (and the resulting "new" version is re-tagged
in CVS). $VERSION is registered with the Bugzilla, and all
$VERSION-preX are removed (from now on, bugs against -preX are
rejected as INVALID).
4b) if a release-critical bug happens before D+10 (say, at D+n), the
release process is paused until the bug is fixed and a new release
candidate tarball $VERSION-pre2 is re-made. Go to either step 4a or
4b with D+10 replaced by D+n+10.
Issues to solve
What to do with Windows; changing the version number causes a complete
rebuild, and this seems to be a problem for Hans. In particular, it
seems to upsets him to rebuild when the only change is going from
OTOH, if there is no prominent "pre-release" marker very visible
anywhere (setup does not count: nobody pays attention to what's going
on in the setup !), there is a high risk that the typical Windows user
will happily mash up things when reporting bugs, which will just
result in nightmare.
Any ideas ? (a small text file, which if present next to dia.exe, is
read and supplements the version number at run time ?)
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