Commit 68c7892b authored by Lars Clausen's avatar Lars Clausen

Notify notes, arrow calc.

parent f044094c
2003-09-11 Lars Clausen <>
* lib/arrows.c (calculate_arrow_point): Adjust arrow line
adjustment a bit for half diamond and open round.
* RELEASE-PROCESS: Added note about notifying translators and
* doc/pl/dia-manual.sgml:
* doc/en/dia-manual.xml:
* dia.spec (Release):
......@@ -34,6 +34,11 @@ When a new version is about to be released:
Please see the section below on how to make a tarball (yes, please do).
Translators, as pulled from the Translation-Team: field in the .po
files, are notified of the upcoming release to give them time to
translate new strings. No further changes to translatable strings
should happen from now till the final release ("string freeze").
3a) if a release-critical bug happens before D+10 (say, at D+n), the
release process is paused until the bug is fixed and a new release
candidate tarball $VERSION-pre2 is re-made. Go to either step 3a or
......@@ -49,7 +54,9 @@ When a new version is about to be released:
4) once the new release is complete and uploaded, announcements on
freshmeat, the dia web site, the dia mailing list, and maybe a gnotices story
( are made.
( are made. Alerting the package maintainers for the
various distributions is also a good idea, get names from MAINTAINERS
and update those who have changed.
5) the CVS HEAD freeze is lifted one week /after/ the release is
generally available, unless a release critical bug is discovered in
......@@ -192,6 +192,7 @@ calculate_arrow_point(const Arrow *arrow, const Point *to, const Point *from,
point_scale(move_line, arrow->length);
point_add(move_line, move_arrow);
/* Make move_line be a unit vector in direction of line */
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