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Updated NEWS

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* object meta info possible since 0.97 finally got an editor
(see: Object Properties). Meta info can be used for
"<ObjectMenu>/Follow Link..."
* improved diagram tree (actually all new implementation)
- nicer look
- can search for object name by simply typing it
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* new object "Diagram as Element" allows to embbed diagrams
* more color for SADT/IDEF0 objects
* PyDia inline API documentation overhaul and easier access to it,
see e.g. "<Toolbox>/Help/PyDia HTML Docs"
* LineCaps and LineJoin switchable for Standard objects
* more diagrams describing internal behavior
* allow to render "holes" with some renderers, for details see:
* Allow to increase the width of 'UML - CLass' to help grid aligning
* A lot less deprecated function use, still a long way to go for gtk+3
* bugs fixed:
dia-0.97.1: 2010-01-24
* updated translations
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