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2009-02-15  Hans Breuer  <>

	* config.h.win32 NEWS : dia-0.97-pre2

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2009-02-15 Hans Breuer <>
* config.h.win32 NEWS : dia-0.97-pre2
* plug-ins/python/ : every script to be installed for
--with-python must be available with EXTRA_DIST, bug #571862
(pyplugin_SCRIPTS_TO_INSTALL) : one variable to be used for both
dia-0.97-pre1: 2009-02-15
dia-0.97-pre2: 2009-02-15
* Quite some bugs fixed, at least:
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
#undef LOCALEDIR /* needs to be calculated at runtime */
/* NOT: #define LOCALEDIR "../lib/locale" */
#define VERSION "0.97-pre1"
#define VERSION "0.97-pre2"
* We are linking libxml as DLL with either msvc or mingw, but this
dnl Process this -*- autoconf -*- file with autoconf to produce a
dnl configure script.
AC_INIT(dia, 0.97-pre1,
AC_INIT(dia, 0.97-pre2,
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