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    Merge in Game Mode - with thanks to Ryan Gee & Julian Applebaum! · 55507ab9
    Alan Lawrence authored
    Change BP_GAME_MODE => GameModule created/destroyed as reqd (no ModuleManager).
    Preserving GameStatistics (for now) incorporating GameScorer. Rm GameMessageIn
     & GameMessageOut, now have CMessageDisplay + can override CreateGameModule.
    Text prompts in pure virtual DrawText. Subclass CScreenGameModule renders using
     big CDasherScreen::Labels, green/red-strikethrough/black in white box,
     aiming for LP_DASHER_MARGIN space between text and Y axis. (Could be improved?)
    Misnamed WordGenerator::GenerateChunk returns phrases/lines, false=EOF=end game.
    Default FileWordGenerator parses file first to locate all line boundaries,
      then seeks to random (not-previously-chosen) line start. TODO needs srand()ing
    Game mode stats per-sentence. TODO: would be much better as part of user-trials,
     indeed user logging ought to be made a special case of game mode, as they
      have much in common (and only game mode tracks locn of target sentence atm)
    TODO No difficulty levels yet. Any other features not carried over??
    Control Mode disabled while BP_GAME_MODE set. Presumably this is right...?!
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