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Update Linux instructions in README.

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......@@ -15,20 +15,17 @@ Requirements
Dasher makes use of the following third party software (note that this
list is potentially inaccurate or incomplete - please send any
corrections to ''):
corrections to '
* The Expat XML parser (required)
* Autotools (required, build only)
* Intltool (required, build only)
* Libtool (required, build only)
Linux (see INSTALL.Linux for build time requirements):
* GTK+ (2.2 or greated) (required)
* GNOME (optional, but highly recommended)
* GNOME Speech (optional)
* Libcanna (optional, for Hiragana to Kanji conversion)
MS Windows:
* MS Speech API (optional)
* MS Table API (optional - required for tablet start/stop mode)
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