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    add support for icons in the treeview and hook up execute button for methods · 850613f5
    John (J5) Palmieri authored
    * dfeet/DFeetApp.py(__init__.py): hookup the execute_method action
      (introspect_node_selected_cb): set execute button sensitive if a method is
      (execute_current_method_cb): get the current selected method and busname and
      bring up the execute dialog
    * dfeet/_ui/busbox.py: Add introspectnode-selected signal for when a node is
      selected by the BusNameInfoBox child
      (busname_info_selected_cb): emit introspectnode-selected when the BusNameInfoBox
      child emits a selected signal
      (get_selected_introspect_node): returns the current selected node of the
      BusNameInfoBox child
      (get_selected_busname): returns the currently selected busname in the
    * dfeet/_ui/busnameinfobox.py: new selected signal
      (__init__): add pixbuf renderer to the treeview
      (cursor_changed_handler): emit selected
      (get_selected_node): returns the current selected node
    * dfeet/introspect_data.py(Node.get_icon_name): default to None
      (Method.get_icon_name): return 'gtk-execute' for now
      (IntrospectData): add new icon_name column
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