Commit 3e7e657b authored by Thomas Bechtold's avatar Thomas Bechtold

release: Update NEWS

parent 94605809
0.3.7 - Sep 25, 2013
- Added Galician translations (Fran Diéguez)
- Updated Czech translation (Marek Černocký)
- Updated Hungarian translation (Balázs Úr)
- Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (Enrico Nicoletto)
- Updated Spanish translation (Daniel Mustieles)
- Added Slovenian translation (Matej Urbančič)
- Updated Polish translation (Piotr Drąg)
- Show inactive bus names in italic (Thomas Bechtold)
- Also install dfeet-icon-default-service.png (Thomas Bechtold)
- Update (Thomas Bechtold)
- Also show activatable bus names (Thomas Bechtold)
- Remove duplicate if-clause (Thomas Bechtold)
- Fix Makefile for data/ui (Thomas Bechtold)
- threads_init no longer needs to be called (Thomas Bechtold)
- Bring back the application icons (Thomas Bechtold)
- Use pformat to show method call results (Thomas Bechtold)
- Use GtkListBox instead of a TreeView (Thomas Bechtold)
- Initial Hungarian translation (Balázs Úr)
- Added hu entry (Balázs Úr)
- Added Polish translation (Piotr Drąg)
- Update Chinese simplified translation (tuhaihe)
- Added German translation (Christian Kirbach)
- Added Greek translation (Dimitris Spingos)
- post release vesion bump to 0.3.7 (Thomas Bechtold)
0.3.6 - Jul 10, 2013
- Replace with (Thomas Bechtold)
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