Commit 3a7aa797 authored by Thomas Bechtold's avatar Thomas Bechtold

release: update NEWS

parent 0fecaaad
0.3.4 - May 22, 2013
- Update README and HACKING (Thomas Bechtold)
- Improve the HighContrast icon (Thomas Bechtold)
- Add missing source (Thomas Bechtold)
- Add scalable HighContrast icon (Thomas Bechtold)
- Remove useless text and duplicate icons from scalable logo (Thomas Bechtold)
- Don't fail if no systembus or sessionbus is available (Thomas Bechtold)
- Add app menu (Thomas Bechtold)
- Move window logic to own file and use GtkApplicationWindow (Thomas Bechtold)
- Update .gitignore (Thomas Bechtold)
- Add help files (Thomas Bechtold)
- Check source for pep8 (Thomas Bechtold)
- Fix unittests (Thomas Bechtold)
- Use correct data dir (Thomas Bechtold)
- Use autotools for d-feet (Thomas Bechtold)
- Fix whitespaces (Thomas Bechtold)
0.3.3 - Jan 12, 2013
- Don't close dialog after method execution (Thomas Bechtold)
- Add close-button to exception dialog (Thomas Bechtold)
- Fix needed double click to close method execution dialog (Thomas Bechtold)
- Update HACKING (Thomas Bechtold)
0.3.2 - Jan 10, 2013
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