1. 23 Oct, 2018 2 commits
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      introspection: format property values with g_variant_print() · d5540997
      Will Thompson authored
      The main case where this helps is byte strings. GVariant has a special
      case for values of type 'ay' which end with a NUL byte and otherwise
      contain only printable ASCII characters: it prints them in the form
      b'asciistring'. UDisks and Flatpak (among others) use bytestrings of
      this form extensively for file paths, which are not guaranteed to be
      UTF-8 so cannot be represented as D-Bus type 's'.
      This does have the downside that b'foo' is also valid Python but means
      something different:
      In [2]: GLib.Variant('ay', b'abc')
      Out[2]: GLib.Variant('ay', [0x61, 0x62, 0x63])
      In [3]: GLib.Variant('ay', b'abc\0')
      Out[3]: GLib.Variant('ay', b'abc')
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      introspection: don't bother constructing a proxy · d642a08d
      Will Thompson authored
      There's little point constructing the proxy object when it will be used
      once and thrown away. Sending the method call via the connection object
      also allows the expected return type (a single variant) to be specified.
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  9. 19 Sep, 2018 16 commits
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      Update Polish translation · d6e71ef8
      Piotr Drąg authored
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      ci: build Flatpak in .app, not app · ee9c5aae
      Will Thompson authored
      intltool-update runs during make check and finds files inside app:
          The following files contain translations and are currently not in use. Please
          consider adding these to the POTFILES.in file, located in the po/ directory.
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      ci: run tests in Flatpak build · 72a62e5e
      Will Thompson authored
      This would have caught my bug where the CI-built Flatpak bundle still
      tried to use Python 2 despite it only being in the GNOME SDK, not the
      GNOME Platform.
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      flatpak: install pycodestyle during build · 767f82d0
      Will Thompson authored
      This will allow us to run `make check` during CI flatpak builds, which
      manually build the d-feet module rather than building it with
      flatpak-builder. We still use --disable-tests in the real manifest
      because the tests require an X (or Wayland) server.
      Specifying "cleanup": ["*"] causes all files installed by the
      pycodestyle module to be removed at the end of the build process.
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      ci: correctly build to use python3 · 6bbcc295
      Will Thompson authored
      For a "normal" build running flatpak-builder to completion, the
      'build-options: env: PYTHON: /usr/bin/python3' specified at the top
      level of org.gnome.dfeet.json takes effect. However, the .gitlab-ci.yml
      (lifted from other projects) uses --stop-at to build everything except
      d-feet with flatpak-builder, then runs the steps to build d-feet by
      hand. The PYTHON environment variable does not persist from the earlier
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      settings: fix regexp syntax, add a test · 539bcc12
      Will Thompson authored
      Trying to compile this regexp fails with:
          re.error: unbalanced parenthesis at position 5
      I introduced this bug in 45a1146e. Fix
      it, and add a small test case that would have caught it.
    • Thomas Bechtold's avatar
      Merge branch 'enable-gitlab-ci' into 'master' · e4eac948
      Thomas Bechtold authored
      Fix 'make check', detect 'pycodestyle' (the new name for 'pep8'), use Python 3 in Flatpak version, and set up CI
      See merge request GNOME/d-feet!7
    • Thomas Bechtold's avatar
      Merge branch 'wjt/execute-dialog-selectable-fields' into 'master' · b039d4a6
      Thomas Bechtold authored
      Make fields in Execute Method dialog selectable
      See merge request GNOME/d-feet!6
    • Will Thompson's avatar
      Enable GitLab CI · b97b7352
      Will Thompson authored
      The Flatpak part is cargo-culted from Glade and other projects of its
      ilk; the Fedora part is derived from gnome-initial-setup.
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      flatpak: build with Python 3 · 1e31d1bd
      Will Thompson authored
      Python 2 is not included in the 3.30/master runtime (though it is
      included in the SDK).
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      settings: use r'' strings for regexps · 45a1146e
      Will Thompson authored
      ../../src/dfeet/settings.py:22:17: W605 invalid escape sequence '\.'
      ../../src/dfeet/settings.py:23:6: W605 invalid escape sequence '\s'
      ../../src/dfeet/settings.py:28:10: W605 invalid escape sequence '\s'
      ../../src/dfeet/settings.py:29:12: W605 invalid escape sequence '\('
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      Ignore W504 line break after binary operator · 7fa36c53
      Will Thompson authored
      The following code:
          self.connection = Gio.DBusConnection.new_for_address_sync(
              Gio.DBusConnectionFlags.AUTHENTICATION_CLIENT |
              None, None)
      causes newer versions of pycodestyle to complain:
      ../../src/dfeet/bus_watch.py:139:17: W504 line break after binary operator
      However, if I move the the line break to be before the binary operator:
          self.connection = Gio.DBusConnection.new_for_address_sync(
              | Gio.DBusConnectionFlags.MESSAGE_BUS_CONNECTION,
              None, None)
      Older versions complain in the opposite way:
      ../../src/dfeet/bus_watch.py:140:17: W503 line break before binary operator
      The thread around
      explains why the tool has changed its mind.
      I prefer the old style, so let's just ignore the new warning.
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      Fix a few unused variable/import warnings · 9664bdf9
      Will Thompson authored
      These were all reported by flake8.
    • Will Thompson's avatar
      Remove bare 'except:' clauses · f5bfec6d
      Will Thompson authored
      These are considered Bad Style, and pycodestyle reports them as such.
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      Detect 'pycodestyle', the new name for 'pep8' · 830fb9b9
      Will Thompson authored
      The 'pep8' tool has been renamed upstream to 'pycodestyle'. On Debian,
      the Python 3 version is packaged and installed as pycodestyle. On
      Fedora, it's packaged as python3-pycodestyle and installed as
      pycodestyle-3; the Python 2 version is installed as pycodestyle-2 with a
      symlink from pycodestyle. Make configure search a variety of such names,
      and use the path it finds.
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      Run tests with same Python version as application · 520a529f
      Will Thompson authored
      Since c28acbf3 the application has used
      the Python version detected at configure time, but tests were still
      unconditionally run with the system version of Python 2. This made it
      impossible to run the tests on systems with only Python 3.
  10. 18 Sep, 2018 3 commits
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      Fix coding style errors reported by make check · 12b8b997
      Will Thompson authored
      These were introduced in e6488e6c and
          src/dfeet/introspection_helper.py:9:1: E302 expected 2 blank lines, found 1
          src/dfeet/introspection_helper.py:14:100: E501 line too long (107 > 99 characters)
          src/dfeet/introspection_helper.py:17:1: E302 expected 2 blank lines, found 1
          src/dfeet/introspection_helper.py:20:1: E302 expected 2 blank lines, found 1
          src/dfeet/introspection_helper.py:23:1: E302 expected 2 blank lines, found 1
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      executedialog: include bus name · a5f47d3d
      Will Thompson authored
      This dialog is not particularly short of space, and it's nice to have
      the full (bus name, object path, interface, method name) quad visible in
      one place.
    • Will Thompson's avatar
      executedialog: allow selecting name/path/interface fields · 90e6a74b
      Will Thompson authored
      It's annoying to have to retype these when I'm exploring an API in
      D-Feet and want to use the methods I discover in some code.
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