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fix #237 - enable shortcuts to move tabs around

tl;dr Enable CTRLSHIFTPgUp/PgDown shortcut to move tabs left/right

  • only grabbed when using multiple tabs
  • consistent with existing CTRLPgUp/PgDown shortcuts
  • consistent with default Terminal behaviornable
  • default in libadwaita tabs

details (also see #237 (closed)):

  • libadwaita propagates them to the terminal when there is only a single page/tab
  • with multiple pages/tabs, shortcuts get handled to select/reorder tabs as in other gnome apps
  • same behavior as default Gnome Terminal
  • this seems a reasonable trade-off for the few case where TUIs might want to use those shortcuts
  • leave CTRLHOME/END disabled for now as those shortcuts are partly covered by Alt+0-9 or Ctrl+PgUp/PgDown and also more prominently used by vi
  • see also #118 (closed) and #155 (closed)
Edited by Martin Nowak

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