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    Adds CoglError api · df21e20f
    Robert Bragg authored
    Although we use GLib internally in Cogl we would rather not leak GLib
    api through Cogl's own api, except through explicitly namespaced
    cogl_glib_ / cogl_gtype_ feature apis.
    One of the benefits we see to not leaking GLib through Cogl's public API
    is that documentation for Cogl won't need to first introduce the Glib
    API to newcomers, thus hopefully lowering the barrier to learning Cogl.
    This patch provides a Cogl specific typedef for reporting runtime errors
    which by no coincidence matches the typedef for GError exactly.  If Cogl
    is built with --enable-glib (default) then developers can even safely
    assume that a CoglError is a GError under the hood.
    This patch also enforces a consistent policy for when NULL is passed as
    an error argument and an error is thrown. In this case we log the error
    and abort the application, instead of silently ignoring it. In common
    cases where nothing has been implemented to handle a particular error
    and/or where applications are just printing the error and aborting
    themselves then this saves some typing. This also seems more consistent
    with language based exceptions which usually cause a program to abort if
    they are not explicitly caught (which passing a non-NULL error signifies
    in this case)
    Since this policy for NULL error pointers is stricter than the standard
    GError convention, there is a clear note in the documentation to warn
    developers that are used to using the GError api.
    Reviewed-by: default avatarNeil Roberts <neil@linux.intel.com>
    (cherry picked from commit b068d5ea)
    Note: Since we can't change the Cogl 1.x api the patch was changed to
    not rename _error_quark() functions to be _error_domain() functions and
    although it's a bit ugly, instead of providing our own CoglError type
    that's compatible with GError we simply #define CoglError to GError
    unless Cogl is built with glib disabled.
    Note: this patch does technically introduce an API break since it drops
    the cogl_error_get_type() symbol generated by glib-mkenum (Since the
    CoglError enum was replaced by a CoglSystemError enum) but for now we
    are assuming that this will not affect anyone currently using the Cogl
    API. If this does turn out to be a problem in practice then we would be
    able to fix this my manually copying an implementation of
    cogl_error_get_type() generated by glib-mkenum into a compatibility
    source file and we could also define the original COGL_ERROR_ enums for
    compatibility too.
    Note: another minor concern with cherry-picking this patch to the 1.14
    branch is that an api scanner would be lead to believe that some APIs
    have changed, and for example the gobject-introspection parser which
    understands the semantics of GError will not understand the semantics of
    CoglError. We expect most people that have tried to use
    gobject-introspection with Cogl already understand though that it is not
    well suited to generating bindings of the Cogl api anyway and we aren't
    aware or anyone depending on such bindings for apis involving GErrors.
    (GnomeShell only makes very-very minimal use of Cogl via the gjs
    bindings for the cogl_rectangle and cogl_color apis.)
    The main reason we have cherry-picked this patch to the 1.14 branch
    even given the above concerns is that without it it would become very
    awkward for us to cherry-pick other beneficial patches from master.