1. 21 Sep, 2010 2 commits
  2. 17 Sep, 2010 3 commits
  3. 15 Sep, 2010 2 commits
    • Chris Kühl's avatar
      Removed use of NULL and changed use of uint to guint. · 48e83061
      Chris Kühl authored
      	* clutter/src/behaviour.ccg: Removed use of NULL and
      	changed uint to guint.
      	* clutter/src/container.ccg: Removed use of NULL and
      	changed uint to guint.
      	* clutter/src/score.ccg: Removed use of NULL and
      	changed uint to guint.
      	* clutter/src/script.ccg: Removed use of NULL and
      	changed uint to guint.
    • Chris Kühl's avatar
      Corrected SlotAlphaFunc documentation. · 31b24a8a
      Chris Kühl authored
      	* clutter/src/action.hg: Whitespace.
      	* clutter/src/alpha.hg: Corrected SlotAlphaFunc documentation.
      	* clutter/src/behaviour.ccg: Whitespace
  4. 13 Sep, 2010 2 commits
  5. 07 Sep, 2010 2 commits
    • Chris Kühl's avatar
      Fix issue with last commit where returned vectors were 2x intended size. · 03288a2f
      Chris Kühl authored
      	* clutter/src/behaviour.ccg: Fixed vector size issue.
      	* clutter/src/container.ccg: Fixed vector size issue.
      	* clutter/src/score.ccg: Fixed vector size issue.
      	* clutter/src/script.ccg: Fixed vector size issue.
      	* clutter/src/timeline.ccg: Fixed vector size issue.
    • Chris Kühl's avatar
      Replaced use of Glib::*Handle containers with std::vector. · a8e254c1
      Chris Kühl authored
      	* clutter/src/behaviour-path.[hg|ccg]: create_with_knots takes std::vector
      					       instead of Glib::ArrayHandle.
      	* clutter/src/behaviour.[hg|ccg]: get_actor returns std::vector instead of
      	* clutter/src/container.[hg|ccg]: get_children returns std::vector instead of
      	* clutter/src/score.[hg|ccg]: list_timelines returns std::vector instead of
      	* clutter/src/script.[hg|ccg]: add_search_path takes std::vector
      				       instead of Glib::ArrayHandle.
      	* clutter/src/stage.[hg|ccg]: Removed trailing whitespace.
      	* clutter/src/timeline.[hg|ccg]: list_markers returns std::vector instead of
  6. 02 Sep, 2010 4 commits
  7. 27 Aug, 2010 1 commit
  8. 02 Aug, 2010 2 commits
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Added Effect and related Actor methods. · 62a0c3bd
      Murray Cumming authored
      * clutter/src/filelist.am:
      * clutter/src/effect.[hg|ccg]: Added Effect.
      * clutter/src/actor.hg: Added add_effect(), remove_effect(), get_effect().
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Wrapped some new functions. · 626c6bb7
      Murray Cumming authored
      * configure.ac: Depend on atkmm, so we can use Atk::Object in the API.
      (This could be optional at configure time if anybody needs that, as it is
      in gtkmm.)
      * clutter/src/clutter_methods.defs: Regenerated with h2defs.py.
      * clutter/src/filelist.am:
      * clutter/src/actor-meta.[hg|ccg]:
      * clutter/src/action.[hg|ccg]: Added new ActorMeta and Action classes.
      * clutter/src/action.[hg|ccg]: Added get/set_clip_to_allocation(), contains(),
      get_has_allocation(), get_accessible(), add_action(), remove_action(),
      get_action(), clear_actions().
      * clutter/src/animation.hg: set_duration(): Correct the parameter type to
      guint, as corrected in the C API.
      * clutter/src/path.hg: Added foreach().
      * clutter/src/stage.hg: Addef get/set_no_clear_hint().
      * clutter/src/texture.hg: Added get/set_pick_with_alpha().
  9. 05 May, 2010 5 commits
  10. 27 Apr, 2010 1 commit
  11. 19 Apr, 2010 1 commit
  12. 18 Apr, 2010 4 commits
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Wrapped more new clutter 1.2 API. · 18c9c590
      Murray Cumming authored
      * clutter/src/animation.hg:
      * clutter/src/behaviour-ellipse.hg:
      * clutter/src/behaviour-rotate.hg:
      * clutter/src/behaviour-scale.hg:
      * clutter/src/clutter_methods.defs:
      * clutter/src/media.hg:
      * clutter/src/script.hg:
      * clutter/src/stage.hg:
      * clutter/src/text.hg:
      * clutter/src/timeline.hg:
      * clutter/src/types.[hg|ccg]: Added new (clutter 1.2) methods and
      removed mentions of clutter funcitons that were removed (probably in clutter
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Actor: Wrapped new clutter-1.2 API. · a4494c6f
      Murray Cumming authored
      * clutter/src/clutter_enums.defs: Really regenerated with enums.pl
      * clutter/src/types.hg: Added TextDirection.
      * clutter/src/actor.[hg|ccg]: Added new methods from clutter 1.2.
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Regenerated .defs files. · 47349308
      Murray Cumming authored
      * clutter/src/clutter_methods.defs: Regenerate with h2defs.py, against
      * clutter/src/clutter_enums.defs: Regenerate with enums.pl
      * clutter/src/clutter_signals.defs: Regenerated with extra_defs_gen.
      * clutter/src/clutter_docs.xml: Regenerate with docextract_to_xml.py.
    • Olav Vitters's avatar
      Fix doap file · ff83cb75
      Olav Vitters authored
  13. 16 Apr, 2010 1 commit
  14. 07 Jan, 2010 1 commit
  15. 03 Oct, 2009 4 commits
    • Daniel Elstner's avatar
      Delete obsolete MAINTAINERS file · 25423c58
      Daniel Elstner authored
    • Daniel Elstner's avatar
      Increment cluttermm API version to 1.0 · 6edfe900
      Daniel Elstner authored
      * configure.ac (MM_INIT_MODULE): Change the module name from
      cluttermm-0.9 to cluttermm-1.0, following clutter.  Note that this
      does not imply that cluttermm has reached API or ABI stability.
    • Daniel Elstner's avatar
      Correct bad code pointed out by compiler warnings · 185711fc
      Daniel Elstner authored
      * clutter/src/timeline.{ccg,hg} (Timeline::Timeline): Implement the
      constructor manually, because the parameter names do not match the
      names of the corresponding properties.  Also, adjust the signature to
      the new ClutterTimeline API.
      (Timeline::create): Change signature to match the constructor.
      * clutter/cluttermm/{frame-source,threads}.cc: Add missing inline and
      static keywords, and slightly clean up the code.
      (SourceConnectionNode::notify): Actually return a defined value.
      * examples/test-actors.cc (main), tests/test-alpha-creation.cc (main):
      Adjust for the new Clutter::Timeline::create() API.
      * tests/test-alpha-func.cc (on_alpha): Remove unused parameter name.
      (main): Adapt to Clutter::Timeline::create() API change.
    • Daniel Elstner's avatar
      Adopt new mm-common build infrastructure · 1ae7b100
      Daniel Elstner authored
      * build/: Rename directory from scripts/ and delete the obsolete
      M4 macros and build files.
      * codegen/: Rename directory from tools/.
      * codegen/extradefs/: Rename from tools/extra_defs_gen/.
      * codegen/extradefs/generate_extra_defs_clutter.cc: Rename from
      tools/extra_defs_gen/generate_defs_clutter to match the name of
      the executable.
      * doc/: Rename directory from docs/.
      * build_shared/: Delete obsolete build support files.
      * autogen.sh: Replace with minimal script based on autoreconf.
      * configure.ac: Rename from configure.in and rewrite for mm-common.
      * Makefile.am, doc/Makefile.am, examples/Makefile.am,
      clutter/src/Makefile.am, clutter/cluttermm/Makefile.am,
      tests/Makefile.am: Replace with mm-common skeleton build files
      adapted for cluttermm.
      * codegen/Makefile.am: Replace with skeleton file adapted for
      cluttermm.  Do not install convert.m4 along with the public macro
      files for gmmproc.
      * codegen/m4/filelist.am, clutter/src/filelist.am,
      clutter/cluttermm/filelist.am: New Automake include files listing
      the cluttermm source files.
      * codegen/m4/convert_cairo.m4: Rename from convert_cairomm.m4.
      * codegen/m4/convert_clutter.m4: Rename from convert_cluttermm.m4.
      * codegen/m4/convert_cogl.m4: Rename from convert_coglmm.m4.
      * codegen/m4/convert.m4: Include M4 files by their new name.
      * clutter/Makefile.am, clutter/src/Makefile_list_of_hg.am_fragment,
      clutter/cluttermm/private/Makefile.am, docs/Makefile_web.am_fragment,
      docs/reference/Makefile.am, examples/Makefile.am_fragment,
      tools/Makefile_list_of_sources.am_fragment, tools/m4/Makefile.am,
      tools/extra_defs_gen/Makefile.am: Delete obsolete files.
      * clutter/cluttermm.pc.in: Merge the modernized skeleton pkg-config
      file from mm-common.
      * clutter/cluttermm-uninstalled.pc.in: New pkg-config data file for
      linking to an uninstalled build of cluttermm.
      * clutter/cluttermmconfig.h.in: Remove all non-namespaced macros,
      leaving only the cluttermm version number components.
      * clutter/cluttermm.h: Clean up a bit and include cluttermmconfig.h.
      Remove extern declarations of the runtime version number components
      as they don't appear to be defined anywhere.
      * doc/reference/Doxyfile.in: Replace file with mm-common skeleton
      Doxygen configuration, adapted for cluttermm.
      * clutter/README, docs/reference/README, examples/README.txt,
      tools/m4/README: Delete useless or empty text files.
  16. 26 Aug, 2009 2 commits
  17. 28 Jul, 2009 1 commit
  18. 25 Jun, 2009 2 commits
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Increased version · a193d276
      Murray Cumming authored
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Fix the build by adapting to the latest clutter API. · f5b38d78
      Murray Cumming authored
      * clutter/src/clutter_methods.defs: Regenerated with h2defs.py
      * clutter/src/clutter_enums.defs: Regenerated with enums.pl
      * clutter/src/clutter_docs.xml:Regenerated with docextract_to_xml.py
      * clutter/src/clutter_vfuncs.defs:
      * tools/m4/convert_cluttermm.m4: Made changes by hand.
      * clutter/src/actor.[hg|ccg]:
      Use float instead of guint/int or ClutterUnit for most things.
      Remove the *u() versions of the methods.
      Remove the focus_in() and focus_out() vfuncs.
      * clutter/src/layout.hg: vfuncs: Use float instead of Unit.
      * clutter/src/stage.hg: get_actor_at_pos(): Added the pick_mode parameter.
      * clutter/src/timeline.hg|ccg]: get_delta(): Remove the duration parameter.
      * clutter/src/types.[hg|ccg]: Remove Clutter::Unit.
      * clutter/cluttermm/event.[h|cc]: key_event_code(), key_event_symbol(),
      key_event_unicode(): Renamed to key_event_get_code(), key_event_get_symbol(),
      * clutter/cluttermm/main.cc:
      * clutter/cluttermm/main.h: Removed get/set_motion_events_frequency().
      * examples/test-actors.cc: Adapted.