Commit 77d6a846 authored by Murray Cumming's avatar Murray Cumming

Actor: Ignore destroy() and the destroy signal.

They are too strange.
parent b2014528
...@@ -123,9 +123,8 @@ public: ...@@ -123,9 +123,8 @@ public:
#m4 dnl // Those are varargs convenience functions for C coders #m4 dnl // Those are varargs convenience functions for C coders
_IGNORE(clutter_actor_animate, clutter_actor_animate_with_alpha, clutter_actor_animate_with_timeline) _IGNORE(clutter_actor_animate, clutter_actor_animate_with_alpha, clutter_actor_animate_with_timeline)
//TODO: Check that we don't want to wrap this: _WRAP_METHOD(void destroy(), clutter_actor_destroy) //We ignore clutter_actor_destroy because it would break any existing RefPtr.
//_IGNORE(clutter_actor_destroy) _IGNORE(clutter_actor_destroy)
_WRAP_METHOD(void destroy(), clutter_actor_destroy)
_WRAP_METHOD(Glib::RefPtr<Pango::Context> get_pango_context(), _WRAP_METHOD(Glib::RefPtr<Pango::Context> get_pango_context(),
clutter_actor_get_pango_context, refreturn) clutter_actor_get_pango_context, refreturn)
...@@ -491,7 +490,10 @@ public: ...@@ -491,7 +490,10 @@ public:
_WRAP_SIGNAL(bool leave_event(CrossingEvent* event), "leave_event") _WRAP_SIGNAL(bool leave_event(CrossingEvent* event), "leave_event")
_WRAP_SIGNAL(void show(), "show") _WRAP_SIGNAL(void show(), "show")
_WRAP_SIGNAL(void hide(), "hide") _WRAP_SIGNAL(void hide(), "hide")
_WRAP_SIGNAL(void destroy(), "destroy")
//We ignore the destroy signal because it would just encourage strange memory management.
_IGNORE_SIGNAL(void destroy(), "destroy")
_WRAP_SIGNAL(bool key_release_event(KeyEvent* event), "key_release_event") _WRAP_SIGNAL(bool key_release_event(KeyEvent* event), "key_release_event")
_WRAP_SIGNAL(bool enter_event(CrossingEvent* event), "enter_event") _WRAP_SIGNAL(bool enter_event(CrossingEvent* event), "enter_event")
_WRAP_SIGNAL(bool event(Event* event), "event") _WRAP_SIGNAL(bool event(Event* event), "event")
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