Commit 7396db6b authored by Chris Kühl's avatar Chris Kühl

Release 1.3.3

parent 4550077a
2011-03-28 Chris Kühl <>
Removed obsolete variations of Clutter::Script::get_object methods.
1.3.3: (unstable)
* Use tar-ustar instead of tar-pax to ensure OpenBSD compatibility
(Olav Vitters)
* Added example for Clutter::Script
* Added get_object convienience method to Clutter::Script.
* Remove methods with std::map containing a Glib::ValueBase.
* Fixed inheritance and layout-manager issues in box.hg.
(Chris Kühl)
1.3.2: (unstable)
* Wrapped ClutterLayoutMeta and ClutterLayoutManager.
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