Commit 0fef1825 authored by Murray Cumming's avatar Murray Cumming

Remove the deprecated signal to avoid clashing with the paint vfunc.

parent 18f6d971
......@@ -541,7 +541,11 @@ _DEPRECATE_IFDEF_END
_WRAP_SIGNAL(bool scroll_event(ScrollEvent* event), "scroll_event")
_WRAP_SIGNAL(bool key_press_event(KeyEvent* event), "key_press_event")
_WRAP_SIGNAL(bool captured_event(Event* event), "captured_event")
_WRAP_SIGNAL(void paint(), "paint")
//We have to actually ignore this signal so we can replace its default signal handler with the vfunc.
//_WRAP_SIGNAL(void paint(), "paint", deprecated "Override the paint_func(), use a Clutter::Content implementation, or a Clutter::Effect instead of connecting to this signal.")
_WRAP_SIGNAL(void queue_redaw(const Glib::RefPtr<Actor>& origin), "queue_redraw")
_WRAP_SIGNAL(void queue_relayout(), "queue_relayout")
_WRAP_SIGNAL(void realize(), "realize")
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