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      examples: Use rotation angle and pivot point · caf199c7
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      Instead of the full set_rotation() setter, we can use the pivot point
      and set the rotation angle separately.
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      actor: Add :z-position and deprecate :depth · b20e9b78
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      The ClutterActor:depth property has always been a bit of a misnomer:
      actors are 2D flat surfaces, so they cannot have "depth"; the property
      defines the position on the Z axis.
      Another side effect of the :depth property is that it decides the
      default paint and allocation order on insertion, and that setting it
      will call the ClutterContainer.sort_depth_order() method. This has
      proven to be a fairly bad design decision that we strung along from the
      0.x days, as it gives a false impression of being able to change the
      paint and allocation order simply by changing the position on the Z
      axis — something that, in reality, requires depth testing to be enabled
      during the paint sequence of an actor's parent.
      For 2.0 we need a clean break from the side effects, and a better
      defined interface.
      ClutterActor:z-position is essentially what ClutterActor:depth is, but
      doesn't call into ClutterContainer, and has a more apt name.
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      timeline: Add a new "stopped" signal · de4d70af
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      The ::stopped signal is emitted when the timeline has been completely
      exhausted or when the timeline has been programmatically stopped by
      using clutter_timeline_stop(); the notification at the end of the
      timeline run allows to write handlers without having to check whether
      the current repeat is the last one, like we are forced to do when using
      the ::completed signal.
      Based on the patch by: Jasper St. Pierre <jstpierre@mecheye.net>
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      Move examples from tests/interactive to a new top-level · 07c95ebf
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      The example code that is meant to be XIncluded into the API reference
      should not be part of the interactive test suite: it's code that it is
      meant to be used as a reference implementation - whereas the interactive
      test suite should be allowed to be lean and test behaviour even in nasty
      ways. In short: the test suite should not be the place where we show off
      idiomatic code for educational purposes.
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