1. 16 Jun, 2011 1 commit
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      paint-volumes: remove alignment constraint for completion · a9789616
      Robert Bragg authored
      This removes the constraint that a paint-volume must be axis aligned
      before _clutter_paint_volume_complete can be called. NB: A paint volume
      is represented by one origin vertex and then three axis vertices to
      define the width, height and depth of the volume. It's straightforward
      to use the vectors from the origin to the axis vertices to deduce the
      other 4 vertices so we can remove the is_axis_aligned assertion.
  2. 15 Jun, 2011 8 commits
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      clutter-stage: Allow a wider range of visible z values · 34600949
      Robert Bragg authored
      Since eef9078f the translation of the camera away from the z=zero
      plane was hardcoded at 50 which is approximately half way between the
      default z_near and z_far values. This ended up with quite a small
      distance in user-space coordinates to the far plane with the default
      stage size and this was causing test-texture-quality to clip the actor
      This patch makes it try to calculate a reasonable value for the
      position of the z=0 plane as well as a value for z_far so we maximize
      the space in between the z=0 plane and the near plane and we have a
      predictable amount of space behind the stage before hitting the far
      clipping plane, while considering the trade off of loosing depth
      precision by pushing the far plane too far back relative to the near
      With the default fov of 60° it's not possible to use the stage size to
      define the gap in-front of the stage plane; only ~87% of the stage size
      is possible as an upper limit. We make 85% of the stage_height available
      assuming you have a fov of 60°. We consistently provide 10 times the
      stage height of space behind the stage regardless of the fov.
      It seems worth noting here that we went around in circles a few times
      over how to calculate the gaps since there are a number of trade offs to
      consider and they also affect the complexity of the solution. In the end
      we went for simplicity but commented the issues well enough hopefully so
      we can develop a more elaborate solution if we ever have a use-case.
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      clutter-stage: Don't override the user's perspective matrix · 2022e4c1
      Neil Roberts authored
      Since eef9078f ClutterStage updates the aspect ratio of the
      perspective matrix whenever the size of the stage changes. This meant
      that if an application tries to set its own perspective matrix then
      part of it would get overridden. It's not really clear what the
      use-case of setting the perspective on the stage should be but it
      seems like the safest bet is to always try to preserve the
      application's request. The documentation for the function has been
      tweaked to discourage its use.
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      make some parts of the stage-window interface optional · d90c849e
      Robert Bragg authored
      Some parts of the StageWindow interface aren't meaningful for all window
      systems. This makes stage_window_set_title/fullscreen/cursor_visible
      optional instead of requiring those window systems to implement empty
      stubs. Notably the empty stubs we had in the Cogl backend (previously
      the EGL backend) used g_warning to report the feature as unsupported and
      that was causing conformance test failures.
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      build: Adds missing clutter-glx.h · b3c93bca
      Robert Bragg authored
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      build: Adds missing clutter-egl-headers.h · dd02c56b
      Robert Bragg authored
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