1. 07 Jul, 2015 1 commit
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      Move header inclusion guard at the top · 02b69e4d
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      GCC has some optimization for the inclusion guard, but they only work if
      the check is the outermost one.
      We're fairly inconsistent because of historical reasons, so we should
      ensure that we follow the same pattern in every public header.
  2. 03 Jan, 2015 1 commit
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      WARNING: Massive revert commit · 77ec8774
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      Revert all the work that happened on the master branch.
      Sadly, this is the only way to merge the current development branch back
      into master.
      It is now abundantly clear that I merged the 1.99 branch far too soon,
      and that Clutter 2.0 won't happen any time soon, if at all.
      Since having the development happen on a separate branch throws a lot of
      people into confusion, let's undo the clutter-1.99 → master merge, and
      move back the development of Clutter to the master branch.
      In order to do so, we need to do some surgery to the Git repository.
      First, we do a massive revert in a single commit of all that happened
      since the switch to 1.99 and the API version bump done with the
      89a2862b commit. The history is too long
      to be reverted commit by commit without being extremely messy.
  3. 18 Mar, 2014 1 commit
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  7. 07 Jun, 2011 1 commit
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      shader-effect: Allow instantiating ShaderEffect · 53483896
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      ClutterShaderEffect doesn't require to be sub-classed in order to be
      useful. It is possible to just create an instance, set the source and
      the uniforms, and attach it to an actor. This should effectively replace
      ClutterShader for good.
  8. 03 Jun, 2010 3 commits
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      shader-effect: Simplify setting the shader source · 0e9a1dee
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      Sub-classes of ShaderEffect currently have to get the handle for the
      Cogl shader and call cogl_shader_source(); this makes it awkward to
      implement a ShaderEffect, and it exposes handles and Cogl API that we
      might want to change in the future.
      We should provide a ClutterShaderEffect method that allows to (safely)
      set the shader source at the right time for sub-classes to use.
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      effect: Add ShaderEffect · c260da79
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      The ShaderEffect class is an abstract base type for shader-based
      effects. GLSL-based effects should be implemented by sub-classing
      ShaderEffect and overriding ActorMeta::set_actor() to set the source
      code of the shader, and Effect::pre_paint() to update the uniform
      values, if any.
      The ShaderEffect has a generic API for sub-classes to set the values
      of the uniforms defined by their shaders, and it uses the shader
      types we defined for ClutterShader, to avoid re-inventing the wheel
      every time.