1. 26 Apr, 2014 1 commit
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    • Gustavo Noronha Silva's avatar
      clutter-main: start mainloop timer on clutter_init() · d7b183a4
      Gustavo Noronha Silva authored
      By creating and starting the timer on clutter_main() an assumption is made
      that that is how the main loop will be run for all clutter applications.
      With more and more applications moving to GApplication, this assumption no
      longer holds true.
      Moving to clutter_init() means we are starting the timer earlier than we
      should, and by not stopping it when the main loop quits we are taking a
      measure that is later than we should. I believe it is safe to consider
      those are close enough to the actual beginning and quitting of the main
      loop in practice.
  4. 17 Apr, 2014 1 commit
    • Chun-wei Fan's avatar
      Visual Studio Builds: Avoid Implicit Linking to SDL · 20e619f8
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      Cogl, when built with the SDL winsys, will include the SDL headers when
      Cogl-based programs are built, which causes the SDL's wrapper for main()
      to be used on Windows, causing an implicit requirement that all Cogl-based
      apps must link to SDL2.lib and SDL2main.lib.  Avoid this behavior by
      defining SDL_MAIN_HANDLED in the CFLAGS of the sample and interactive test
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    • Emmanuele Bassi's avatar
      test-utils: Skip tests if no DISPLAY is set · f9d99d1c
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      Instead of just bailing out when initializing the test suite, we can do
      a much better job and skip all the tests. This means that the TAP driver
      will work correctly instead of dying a horrible death, and we get a nice
      report with a proper cause of the test skipping.
    • Emmanuele Bassi's avatar
      Remove clutter.symbols · f065a34e
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      The Visual Studio build files have been updated to not use it, so we can
      remove it from the repository.
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