Commit e3e18d92 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

stage: Only compress consecutive touch events from the same sequence

And get CLUTTER_EVENT_LEAVE out of the touch event compression logic, as
touches are always implicitly grabbed. If no sequence check is done, only
the last touch update would be emitted, even if multiple sequences got
parent cbc3a41d
......@@ -1068,8 +1068,8 @@ _clutter_stage_process_queued_events (ClutterStage *stage)
goto next_event;
else if (event->type == CLUTTER_TOUCH_UPDATE &&
(next_event->type == CLUTTER_TOUCH_UPDATE ||
next_event->type == CLUTTER_LEAVE) &&
next_event->type == CLUTTER_TOUCH_UPDATE &&
event->touch.sequence == next_event->touch.sequence &&
(!check_device || (device == next_device)))
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