Commit 7ed96aab authored by Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi

grid: Use the proper orientation for the request mode

We automatically switch the request mode of the container depending on
the GridLayout's orientation, but we need to keep track of the request
mode during allocation, so that we don't get out of sync if the user
changed the request mode after adding the layout manager.

This change also brings us closer to the code in GtkGrid.
parent 8a7304ee
......@@ -1397,7 +1397,7 @@ clutter_grid_layout_allocate (ClutterLayoutManager *layout,
ClutterAllocationFlags flags)
ClutterGridLayout *self = CLUTTER_GRID_LAYOUT (layout);
ClutterGridLayoutPrivate *priv = self->priv;
ClutterOrientation orientation;
ClutterGridRequest request;
ClutterGridLines *lines;
ClutterActorIter iter;
......@@ -1414,10 +1414,16 @@ clutter_grid_layout_allocate (ClutterLayoutManager *layout,
lines->lines = g_newa (ClutterGridLine, lines->max - lines->min);
memset (lines->lines, 0, (lines->max - lines->min) * sizeof (ClutterGridLine));
clutter_grid_request_run (&request, 1 - priv->orientation, FALSE);
clutter_grid_request_allocate (&request, 1 - priv->orientation, GET_SIZE (allocation, 1 - priv->orientation));
clutter_grid_request_run (&request, priv->orientation, TRUE);
clutter_grid_request_allocate (&request, priv->orientation, GET_SIZE (allocation, priv->orientation));
if (clutter_actor_get_request_mode (CLUTTER_ACTOR (container)) == CLUTTER_REQUEST_WIDTH_FOR_HEIGHT)
clutter_grid_request_run (&request, 1 - orientation, FALSE);
clutter_grid_request_allocate (&request, 1 - orientation, GET_SIZE (allocation, 1 - orientation));
clutter_grid_request_run (&request, orientation, TRUE);
clutter_grid_request_allocate (&request, orientation, GET_SIZE (allocation, orientation));
clutter_grid_request_position (&request, 0);
clutter_grid_request_position (&request, 1);
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