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    Fully rework the conformance test suite · 2a660fa2
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    The current conformance test suite is suboptimal in many ways.
    All tests are built into the same binary, which makes adding new tests,
    builting tests, and running groups of tests much more awkward than it
    needs to be. The first issue, especially, raises the bar of contribution
    in a significant way, while the other two take their toll on the
    maintainer. All of these changes were introduced back when we had both
    Clutter and Cogl tests in tree, and because we were building the test
    suite for every single change; since then, Cogl moved out of tree with
    all its tests, and we build the conformance test suite only when running
    the `check` make target.
    This admittedly large-ish commit changes the way the conformance test
    suite works, taking advantage of the changes in the GTest API and test
    First of all, all tests are now built separately, using their own test
    suite as defined by each separate file. All tests run under the TAP
    harness provided by GTest and Automake, to gather a proper report using
    the Test Anything Protocol without using the `gtester` harness and the
    `gtester-report` script. We also use the Makefile rules provided by GLib
    to vastly simplify the build environment for the conformance test suite.
    On top of the changes for the build and harness, we also provide new API
    for creating and running test suites for Clutter. The API is public,
    because the test suite has to use it, but it's minimal and mostly
    provides convenience wrappers around GTest that make writing test units
    for Clutter easier.
    This commit disables all tests in the conformance test suite, as well as
    moving the data files outside of the tests/data directory; the next few
    commits will re-establish the conformance test suite separately so we
    can check that everything works in a reliable way.