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    clutter-actor-meta: Add an internal 'priority' property · 94232147
    Neil Roberts authored
    This adds a priority property to all ClutterActorMetas. The
    ClutterMetaGroup keeps the list sorted so that higher priority metas
    remain at the beginning of the list. The priority is a signed integer
    with the default as zero. An actor meta can therefore be put before
    all default metas with a positive number, or after with a negative
    There are constants to set an 'internal' priority. The intention is
    that applications wouldn't be allowed to use these values so that we
    can keep special internal metas to that are before or after all
    application metas.
    The property isn't a real GObject property because for now it is
    completely internal and only used to implement the 'transparency'
    property of ClutterActor. ClutterMetaGroup doesn't currently resort
    the list if the property changes so if we wanted to make it public we
    should either make it construct-only or make the meta group listen for
    changes on the property and resort accordingly.
    The methods in ClutterActor that get the list of metas now use a new
    function that filters out internal metas from the meta
    group. Similarly for clearing the metas, the internal metas are left
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