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    Eliminate G_CONST_RETURN · 2b81d90d
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    The G_CONST_RETURN define in GLib is, and has always been, a bit fuzzy.
    We always used it to conform to the platform, at least for public-facing
    At first I assumed it has something to do with brain-damaged compilers
    or with weird platforms where const was not really supported; sadly,
    it's something much, much worse: it's a define that can be toggled at
    compile-time to remove const from the signature of public API. This is a
    truly terrifying feature that I assume was added in the past century,
    and whose inception clearly had something to do with massive doses of
    absynthe and opium — because any other explanation would make the
    existence of such a feature even worse than assuming drugs had anything
    to do with it.
    Anyway, and pleasing the gods, this dubious feature is being
    removed/deprecated in GLib; see bug:
    Before deprecation, though, we should just remove its usage from the
    whole API. We should especially remove its usage from Cally's internals,
    since there it never made sense in the first place.
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