Clutter 1.26.4

  • List of changes since Clutter 1.26.2

    - Require GLib 2.54

    - Build fixes

    - Add an experimental Meson build

    - Documentation fixes

    - Handle 8 and 10 bits colour depth in picking code

  • List of bugs fixed since Clutter 1.26.2

    #792716 - Don't declare functions in AC_TRY_LINK and AC_TRY_COMPILE
    #772213 - Take advantage of Unicode
    #769190 - Clutter stage is too big and events wrong under hidpi gnome
              on wayland

    #8 - actor-offscreen-redirect test has uninitialized stack data,
         hangs when the obvious fix is applied
    #11 - Handle 10 bits colour bit depth in actor picking
    !8 - docs: Add missing settings.ini Environment group keys
    !9 - meson: Don't use undocumented -export-dynamic option
    !11 - clutter/actor: Mark implicit transitions as remove-on-complete

Many thanks to:

  Floris Van den Abeele, Jonas Ådahl, Ting-Wei Lan, Chris Mayo, Sjoerd Simons,
  Bastien Nocera, Rico Tzschichholz, Piotr Drąg.
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