Commit 5514f1cf authored by Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi

Release Clutter 1.21.2

parent 2f490c9d
Clutter 1.21.2 2014-12-15
• List of changes since Clutter 1.20.0
- Improve input device handling
Both on the evdev input backend, and the XInput2 backend for X11.
- Allow content implementations to drive actors preferred size
If a ClutterActor is only used to paint a ClutterContent implementation,
it should be possible to allow the actor to have the same preferred size
of its content. We use a ClutterRequestMode to specify this behaviour.
- Documentation fixes
• List of bugs fixed since Clutter 1.20.0
#738520 - evdev: Flush event queue before removing device(s)
#739050 - Fix some weird graphical glitches in RTL
#741350 - Improve touchpad detection on libinput
#740997 - Easing modes are not used when computing the value of a
#676326 - actor: Add a :request-content-size property
#711182 - Incorrect drawing behaviour with clutter content centered
#709252 - ensure that all deprecated symbols are correctly annotated for
#669743 - ObjectInfo property is_actor not correctly set when updating
existing actor using ClutterScriptParser
#719962 - clutter/osx: add clutter_osx_disable_event_retrieval
#681300 - Miss CLUTTER_INPUT_BACKEND description in doc
#729462 - DeviceManagerXi2: Update cached core pointer in getter if NULL
Many thanks to:
Carlos Garnacho, Jasper St. Pierre, Jonas Ådahl, Rico Tzschichholz,
Samuel Degrande, Sjoerd Simons, cee1.
Clutter 1.20.0 2014-09-22
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
# - increase clutter_interface_version to the next odd number
m4_define([clutter_major_version], [1])
m4_define([clutter_minor_version], [21])
m4_define([clutter_micro_version], [1])
m4_define([clutter_micro_version], [2])
# • for stable releases: increase the interface age by 1 for each release;
# if the API changes, set to 0. interface_age and binary_age are used to
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