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    Xavier de Blas authored
    	db changed to 0.56
    	Main window to 800x600
    	No more use of terminal:
    	-installjammer creates the executables for not being run on terminal (
    	it seems can do the other way, but it's better to forget terminal now)
    	Logs (new class):
    	-Every Console.Write* now writes also to a file using Log.Write*
    	-If chronojump crashes, at next start it points to the log of standard
    	output and error log (crash trace) because it's called in linux
    	redirecting error to samefile with '>>' see chronojump.sh
    	mono chronojump.prg $LOG_DATE 2>>$LOG_FILE
    	Pending see how to do it in windows (play with .bat file)
    	-If chronojump ends ok, log is deleted
    	-All Console calls to Log (except askContinueChronojump) use
    	string.Format for send only one argument to Log.Write*
    	New start (all without terminal):
    	-if crashed before, show error window and continues with normal start
    	when user closes window
    	-if big problm appears, show error window and quit when user closes
    	-if all is ok, start normal
    	-now no more control of chronojump execution two times
    	-added a button for crash voluntary for testing purposes
    	Done default session sport, speciallity, level:
    	-creation of combos at gui/session
    	-hide/show combos depending on radios
    	-print label depending on combos
    	-sensitive or not accept button depending on widgets
    	-add sport done
    	-session is recorded with sport stuff
    	-shown/manage default values at gui/person add (are required)
    	-shown/manage default values to add multiple (printing a label)
    	-show person stuff at export, report
    	-show person stuff at load session 
    	-Level "Sedentary" changed to "Sedentary/Ocasional practice"
    	now when selected, sport none is not automatically selected.
    	-on new person is undefined until they change it they cannot accept
    	-on new person multiple is undefined and value its 01/01/0001 (DateTime.MinValue)
    	-Simulated execution shows two warning images
    	-genericWin has a range selectable range for spinbutton
    	-improved report: css and logo now as files (logo also as assemblie).
    	-Fixes bug with stream copy. Done also on installjammer
    	-Session add & edit in same class
    	-Improved database moving
    	-Fixed bug with path readed by script convert_database.sh (since installjammer)
    	-at installjammer added readme_update_version.txt, readable with it's own component
    	-Fixed bug with dates on data from really old chronojump versions
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=383
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