1. 25 Mar, 2009 1 commit
  2. 04 Feb, 2009 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar distancesString: -working on eventExecute speed on runInterval · 1cfc111a
      Xavier de Blas authored
      -working on eventExecute speed on runInterval variable distance
      allowing to select a runInterval distance variable test
      -fixed runIntervalMore distancesString selection
      -fixed on gui/chronojump.cs get the image from runIntervalMore
      -done treviewRunInterval speed avg ok
      -fixed runInterval execute speedNow when finish is clicked
      -eventExecuteWin works ok with distancesString except, 
      TODO: top margin when showing speed
      -fixed crash bug on recuperate jumpRj or runI (on a crash) that cannot
      recuperate because connection is open
      -fixed MTGUG from button doesn't ask now for speed
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=454
  3. 30 Jan, 2009 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar
      30 jan 2009 user created testsTypes DONE but not working yet! db · 254528a8
      Xavier de Blas authored
      30 jan 2009
      	user created testsTypes DONE but not working yet!
      	db 0.62
      	Added rj hexagon test
      	stats now select also all tests
      	recorded ip in SPing
      	Added missing: chronojump_server/chronojumpServerCSharp.cs
      	deleted xdeblas.com and deporteyciencia.com on all files
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=447
  4. 22 Jul, 2008 1 commit
  5. 10 May, 2008 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar (0.7 pre-release) · 25b492fc
      Xavier de Blas authored
      	db changed to 0.56
      	Main window to 800x600
      	No more use of terminal:
      	-installjammer creates the executables for not being run on terminal (
      	it seems can do the other way, but it's better to forget terminal now)
      	Logs (new class):
      	-Every Console.Write* now writes also to a file using Log.Write*
      	-If chronojump crashes, at next start it points to the log of standard
      	output and error log (crash trace) because it's called in linux
      	redirecting error to samefile with '>>' see chronojump.sh
      	mono chronojump.prg $LOG_DATE 2>>$LOG_FILE
      	Pending see how to do it in windows (play with .bat file)
      	-If chronojump ends ok, log is deleted
      	-All Console calls to Log (except askContinueChronojump) use
      	string.Format for send only one argument to Log.Write*
      	New start (all without terminal):
      	-if crashed before, show error window and continues with normal start
      	when user closes window
      	-if big problm appears, show error window and quit when user closes
      	-if all is ok, start normal
      	-now no more control of chronojump execution two times
      	-added a button for crash voluntary for testing purposes
      	Done default session sport, speciallity, level:
      	-creation of combos at gui/session
      	-hide/show combos depending on radios
      	-print label depending on combos
      	-sensitive or not accept button depending on widgets
      	-add sport done
      	-session is recorded with sport stuff
      	-shown/manage default values at gui/person add (are required)
      	-shown/manage default values to add multiple (printing a label)
      	-show person stuff at export, report
      	-show person stuff at load session 
      	-Level "Sedentary" changed to "Sedentary/Ocasional practice"
      	now when selected, sport none is not automatically selected.
      	-on new person is undefined until they change it they cannot accept
      	-on new person multiple is undefined and value its 01/01/0001 (DateTime.MinValue)
      	-Simulated execution shows two warning images
      	-genericWin has a range selectable range for spinbutton
      	-improved report: css and logo now as files (logo also as assemblie).
      	-Fixes bug with stream copy. Done also on installjammer
      	-Session add & edit in same class
      	-Improved database moving
      	-Fixed bug with path readed by script convert_database.sh (since installjammer)
      	-at installjammer added readme_update_version.txt, readable with it's own component
      	-Fixed bug with dates on data from really old chronojump versions
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=383
  6. 22 Oct, 2007 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar
      0.6-svn4 -Contextual menu on: all treeview events (jumps, jumpsRj, runs, · 36b69f71
      Xavier de Blas authored
      -Contextual menu on: all treeview events (jumps, jumpsRj, runs, runsInterval, reactionTimes, pulses)
      -Updated .es and .oc
      -Improved gui confirm_window, repair_sub_event
      -Fixed crash on edit jump rj (opened two times) (created on 0.6-svn2)
      -Rollback in bug fix: 486128. There are problems with inheritance and the constructors (like crash on edit_jump_rj and the click on "more" fixed in last commit
      -Web: improved style.css (higher font). Fixes: 488266
      -Web: added infrared pdf (Juanfer)
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=315
  7. 12 Oct, 2007 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar
      0.6-svn2 chronojump.cs (init of program) separated from · e76c39ef
      Xavier de Blas authored
      chronojump.cs (init of program) separated from gui/chronojump.cs.Fixes: 480399
      -server works now with Mono.Data.Sqlite (Sqlite3)
      -MakeFile includes webservice and WSDL compilation, on english and lot cleaner
      -chronojumpServer.cs renamed chronojumpServerCSharp.cs Fixes: 473721
      -better code to test server on chronojump.cs
      potencyLewis and Sayers now has a description in stat
      not shown descriptions on graph window because normally they don't fit
      fixed bug in session edit (date changed value)
      chronopic.cs to src
      fixed some warnings (unneded "parent" passed between windows) (working on 486128)
      updated POTFILES.in
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=308
  8. 26 Sep, 2007 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar
      0.6-pre11 -new dir structure: +every make creates stuff in "build" dir. · 01839d61
      Xavier de Blas authored
      -new dir structure: 
        +every make creates stuff in "build" dir.
        +create_release copies from "build". Now there's no need of create_release for local compiling
        +create release also does a tar.gz and a zip (both with windows and linux executables)
      -double-click/crash init also writes info about send an email. Improves: 478176
      -weight Percent or Kg added to preferences (improved also gui). Works on treeviews, statsWindow, simple jumps with weight, report. Re-fixes (improves): 478168
      -we generally use now Kg instead of % (weightStatsPercent by default as False)
      -improved person selector in stats comboCheckboxesOptions (only shows persons in current stat) (works for simpleSession and multiSession). Imrpves 478168
      -automatic stats updating deactivated until found the crash-deadlock. Fixes bug: 478165
      -treeviews are not minimized by default at any task (ir remembers last state) Fixes bug: 478170
      -fixed bug when editing a rj jump weight converted to 0
      -change on preferences(height, weigh, digits) auto changes stats
      -added attention message on edit jump (when changing weight)
      -updated translations: catalan, spanish
      -added juanfer to AUTHORS file
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=296
  9. 22 Aug, 2007 1 commit
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  11. 15 Aug, 2007 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar
      0.53-svn Not yet ready to be used on windows mono · af1cbee0
      Xavier de Blas authored
      	Working on Windows Mono version!!
      	-language selector is also hidden on windows now (mono works with
      	-new method to connect with sqlite:
      	using Mono.Data.SqliteClient instead of using Mono.Data.Sqlite. Adding
      	some dbcon.Close(); because now chrases if they are not present
      	PENDENT: connect fine with "data source"
      		see how to update old database if needed
      	-fixed some bugs on two dbcons opened at same time
      	-Changing from Mono.Data.SqliteClient to Mono.Data.Sqlite (new in
      	 mono.1.2.4) because old connection system fails a lot on chronojump
      	 mono windows
      	-changed stock icons (don't work on win)
      	-fixed bug on reaction times treeview header:
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=264
  12. 15 Jun, 2007 1 commit
  13. 20 Mar, 2007 1 commit
  14. 19 Mar, 2007 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar
      Done: 65733 (Conditions for ending repetitive events: not end, now "beep"). · 6bc01e0e
      Xavier de Blas authored
      endingConditions.cs moved to gui/repetitiveConditions.cs
      new feature: "realtime" sounds in configurable values of tf, tc & tf/tc in reactive jumps (src/gui/repetitiveConditions.cs)
      sound: "question" when user can start event, and "beep" when should go up or down & click again
      sound can be activated or deactivated from mainwindow
      this does not compile with 1.2, needs mono 1.2.3
      some imagebuttons changed
      event execute tc/tf values inverted (clearer now)
      repair event shows events with correct decimals
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=221
  15. 13 Mar, 2007 1 commit
  16. 09 Mar, 2007 1 commit
  17. 05 Mar, 2007 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar
      We have now reaction time!! (works for simulated and real) · 979840c0
      Xavier de Blas authored
      -remains code in: load sess, search person events, menu stuff
      -database changed to 0.47
      Created compile_po_files.sh for updating the translations when needed
      starting catalan translation
      rewfiles: compile_po_files.sh, src/reactionTime.cs, src/execute/reactionTime.cs src/treeViewReactionTime.cs, src/sqlite/reactionTime.cs, po/ca.po locale de ar i de ca
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=211
  18. 19 Feb, 2007 2 commits
  19. 20 Nov, 2006 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar
      Server code started (connects to DB and uses chronojump methods). Fixed bug: 353051 · 93bf158e
      Xavier de Blas authored
      separating events and eventExecutions, for calling event definitions from the server without the need of gtk or chronopic: done event, jump and jumpRj. Rest of events are unusable now.
      Added src/execute/event.cs src/execute/jump.cs
      Fixed bug: When a event is deleted, if it gets updated on eventWindowGraph, chronojump chrases (chrashed when there are no events of this person).
  20. 27 Oct, 2006 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar
      fixed bugs on eventWindow: · a0a638b7
      Xavier de Blas authored
      -updated graph on rj by time when a jump is deleted because exceeds
      -not count an extra jump if user is in platform when time ends and
      allowFinish... is true
      -end time is always shown ok when allowFinish... and it exceeds
      progrVersion changed to "0.5-Rev1"
  21. 24 Oct, 2006 1 commit
  22. 13 Oct, 2006 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar
      progrVersion changed to "0.5-Pre1" · 7adb7847
      Xavier de Blas authored
      All events does not do the graph directly, they create an object, put a flag, and the GTK thread does it
      new file:prepareEventGraphObjects.c
      Also it doesn't end the event directly, uses another flag
      This will help with thread problems when graph hasn't finished (normally related to Pango)
      timerCount is shown on the eventExecute on runs simple and synced at end with chronopic data in progressbarEventOrTimeExecution
      -runInterval is synced, but id doesn't work. See updateTimeProgressBar()
      -also pulse (does not work)
      eventWindow "auto" also for MIN (not default). Works on all events texts are shown on graph (minY, maxY and guides).
      lines end with a circle (deactivable)
      jumpReactive, run interval, and pulse has Y beige lines (deactivable)
      jumpReactive, runInterval and pulse write at right the values
      graph get erased just when start a new event
      eventExecute on_update_clicked is called only one time now
      eventExecute hide the tables before showing itself
      main progressBar deleted, statusBar fills now all space
      fixed: pulses buttons where sensitive while any event
      eventGraphConfigure moved to new file src/gui/eventGraphConfigure.cs
  23. 10 Oct, 2006 1 commit
  24. 02 Oct, 2006 1 commit
  25. 24 Sep, 2006 1 commit
  26. 23 Sep, 2006 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar
      New common EventExecuteWindow!! (working on bug 355599) · e4586fb4
      Xavier de Blas authored
      simple jumps, drop jumps, and reactive jump now use the common EventExecute window
      deleted the new Timer and make the PulseGTK do his function:
      	1- move the activity mode progressbars
      	2- decide if a event should finish by time
      fixed bug in preferences chronopicPort string
  27. 22 Sep, 2006 1 commit
  28. 15 Jun, 2006 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar
      working on "0.48 CVS" version, it has Event class, parent of jump, run and... · ef7aefa5
      Xavier de Blas authored
      working on "0.48 CVS" version, it has Event class, parent of jump, run and pulse added src/event.cs (makefile and csproj changed)
      pulses code is working! currently only for "free pulse" type
      treeviewPulse is working
      last_event_delete for pulse is working
      changed database version to 0.43 (adds de free pulseType). Correctly repaired in first chronojump 0.48 boot.
      loadSession shows pulsesNum
      added info on not-implemented-yet pulse buttons
      improved some glade tooltips