1. 12 Aug, 2009 2 commits
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      Autotools support for ChronoJump · 9a969c9b
      Andoni Morales authored
      	Support to generate cross-platform Makefiles using autotools
              The first time you checkout the repository you need to generate
      	the 'configure' script and the 'Makefile.in' templates by running:
              $ sh autogen.sh
      	This script will generate the 'configure' script and the 'Makefile.in' templates
      	from configure.ac and Makefile.am. It will also  call the 'configure' script for you,
      	which will generate all the 'Makefile' files from the 'Makefile.in' templates.
      	'autogen.sh' should be called for each change in configure.ac or Makefile.am files.
      	This script is targetted for developpers, to avoid polluting the repository with
      	extra files.
      	After running 'autogen.sh' once, you will usually use the following commands:
       	$ ./configure
      	$ make
      	# make install
      	You can create a tarball for the current version (stored in configure.ac) using:
      	$ make dist
  2. 10 May, 2008 1 commit
    • Xavier de Blas's avatar (0.7 pre-release) · 25b492fc
      Xavier de Blas authored
      	db changed to 0.56
      	Main window to 800x600
      	No more use of terminal:
      	-installjammer creates the executables for not being run on terminal (
      	it seems can do the other way, but it's better to forget terminal now)
      	Logs (new class):
      	-Every Console.Write* now writes also to a file using Log.Write*
      	-If chronojump crashes, at next start it points to the log of standard
      	output and error log (crash trace) because it's called in linux
      	redirecting error to samefile with '>>' see chronojump.sh
      	mono chronojump.prg $LOG_DATE 2>>$LOG_FILE
      	Pending see how to do it in windows (play with .bat file)
      	-If chronojump ends ok, log is deleted
      	-All Console calls to Log (except askContinueChronojump) use
      	string.Format for send only one argument to Log.Write*
      	New start (all without terminal):
      	-if crashed before, show error window and continues with normal start
      	when user closes window
      	-if big problm appears, show error window and quit when user closes
      	-if all is ok, start normal
      	-now no more control of chronojump execution two times
      	-added a button for crash voluntary for testing purposes
      	Done default session sport, speciallity, level:
      	-creation of combos at gui/session
      	-hide/show combos depending on radios
      	-print label depending on combos
      	-sensitive or not accept button depending on widgets
      	-add sport done
      	-session is recorded with sport stuff
      	-shown/manage default values at gui/person add (are required)
      	-shown/manage default values to add multiple (printing a label)
      	-show person stuff at export, report
      	-show person stuff at load session 
      	-Level "Sedentary" changed to "Sedentary/Ocasional practice"
      	now when selected, sport none is not automatically selected.
      	-on new person is undefined until they change it they cannot accept
      	-on new person multiple is undefined and value its 01/01/0001 (DateTime.MinValue)
      	-Simulated execution shows two warning images
      	-genericWin has a range selectable range for spinbutton
      	-improved report: css and logo now as files (logo also as assemblie).
      	-Fixes bug with stream copy. Done also on installjammer
      	-Session add & edit in same class
      	-Improved database moving
      	-Fixed bug with path readed by script convert_database.sh (since installjammer)
      	-at installjammer added readme_update_version.txt, readable with it's own component
      	-Fixed bug with dates on data from really old chronojump versions
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=383
  3. 25 Feb, 2008 1 commit
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      0.62-svn3 chronopic.cs now has a public method to flush called Flush · 3ab5f6cd
      Xavier de Blas authored
      chronopic.cs now has a public method to flush called Flush
      sport and level of practice. Fixed 514857
      	-new class Sport and SqliteSport (returns safer ArrayList of Sport
      	objects instead of strings separated by ":" like other sqlite return
      	objects). Fixed 514857
      	-new class SqliteSpeciallity (sport speciallity)
      	-SqlitePerson now has sport (from sport db), speciallity (from
      	speciallity db) and practice level
      	-Users can add sports
      	-Added sport tables, converted person table. Database version is now 0.54
      'n' persons can be added simulateneously in a session. fixes: 478167
      new gui/GenericWindow
      improving code:
      	-tableNames defined in contants (if there's a mispell will crash compiler, not app)
      	-sqlite personSesson/personExists /sessionExists, jumpType Exists, runType Exists and pulseType Exists now inherit from Exits on Sqlite class
      	-PersonAddWindow mixed with PersonModifyWindow in gui/PersonAddModifyWindow
      new translation: Norwegian
      pending: show sports in report and csv
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=364
  4. 24 Jan, 2008 2 commits