Commit f1017739 authored by Xavier de Blas's avatar Xavier de Blas

fixed crash on start on languages with ',' as decimal (fr, fi,vi)

parent 042a76bf
......@@ -11,4 +11,4 @@ Chronojump is Free GPL'd software and hardware.
Chronojump works on GNU/Linux and Windows
All info in Chronojump website:
on server upload, allow to not upload a selected person if desired
check if on fr_FR and others there are more problems with . and ,
website velleman put retardo de desactivacion instead of tiempo de respuesta ajustable
12 ago 2009
Added autotools support (Andoni Morales)
Support to generate cross-platform Makefiles using autotools The first time you checkout the repository you need to generate the 'configure' script and the '' templates by running:
$ sh
This script will generate the 'configure' script and the '' templates from and It will also call the 'configure' script for you, which will generate all the 'Makefile' files from the '' templates. '' should be called for each change in or files. This script is targetted for developpers, to avoid polluting the repository with extra files.
After running '' once, you will usually use the following commands:
$ ./configure
$ make
# make install
You can create a tarball for the current version (stored in using:
$ make dist
fixed crash on start on languages with ',' as decimal (fr, fi,vi)
11 ago 2009
change UI add/edit person: calendar bttn close to dateborn
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ class Sqlite
* Important, change this if there's any update to database
* Important2: if database version get numbers higher than 1, check if the comparisons with currentVersion works ok
static string lastChronojumpDatabaseVersion = "0.70";
static string lastChronojumpDatabaseVersion = Util.ChangeDecimalSeparator("0.70");
public Sqlite() {
......@@ -442,8 +442,8 @@ Log.WriteLine("home is: " + home);
//string currentVersion = SqlitePreferences.Select("databaseVersion");
currentVersion = SqlitePreferences.Select("databaseVersion");
//currentVersion = SqlitePreferences.Select("databaseVersion");
currentVersion = Util.ChangeDecimalSeparator(Util.ConvertToPoint(SqlitePreferences.Select("databaseVersion")));
//Log.WriteLine("lastDB: {0}", Convert.ToDouble(lastChronojumpDatabaseVersion));
//Log.WriteLine("currentVersion: {0}", Convert.ToDouble(currentVersion));
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