Commit c63681d2 authored by Xavier de Blas's avatar Xavier de Blas

exhibition (Yomo) tests can be uploaded with json

parent 524b58bb
......@@ -932,6 +932,55 @@ public class Json
return true;
public bool UploadExhibitionTest(ExhibitionTest et)
// Create a request using a URL that can receive a post.
if (! createWebRequest(requestType.GENERIC, "/uploadExhibitionTestData"))
return false;
// Set the Method property of the request to POST.
request.Method = "POST";
// Set the ContentType property of the WebRequest.
request.ContentType = "application/json; Charset=UTF-8"; //but this is not enough, see this line:
//exerciseName = Util.RemoveAccents(exerciseName);
// Creates the json object
JsonObject json = new JsonObject();
json.Add("sessionID", et.sessionID);
json.Add("personID", et.personID);
json.Add("testType", et.testType.ToString()); //todo: check how this enum is uploaded
json.Add("result", et.result);
// Converts it to a String
String js = json.ToString();
// Writes the json object into the request dataStream
Stream dataStream;
if(! getWebRequestStream (request, out dataStream, "Could not upload exhibition test data (A)."))
return false;
dataStream.Write (Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(js), 0, js.Length);
dataStream.Close ();
// Get the response.
WebResponse response;
if(! getWebResponse (request, out response, "Could not upload exhibition test data (B)."))
return false;
// Display the status (will be 202, CREATED)
Console.WriteLine (((HttpWebResponse)response).StatusDescription);
// Clean up the streams.
dataStream.Close ();
response.Close ();
this.ResultMessage = "Exhibition test data sent.";
return true;
public bool Connected {
get { return connected; }
......@@ -1341,3 +1390,31 @@ public class StationCount
return stationName + " (" + tasksCount.ToString() + ")";
//eg. YOMO
public class ExhibitionTest
public int sessionID; //includes school and class-group
public int personID;
public enum testTypes { JUMP, RUN, FORCE_ROPE, FORCE_SHOT, INERTIAL }; //run will be a an intervallic run
public testTypes testType;
public float result;
/* result is:
* on jumps is height
* on runs is maximum speed ?
* on pull rope is maximum force
* on shot is maximum force
* on inertial is mean power of the maximum repetiton
public ExhibitionTest(int sessionID, int personID, testTypes testType, float result)
this.sessionID = sessionID;
this.personID = personID;
this.testType = testType;
this.result = result;
~ExhibitionTest() {}
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