Commit a48f3170 authored by Xavier de Blas's avatar Xavier de Blas

on_encoder_load_signal_row_edit_apply (now SQL is only open one time)

parent 6638db0e
......@@ -1748,11 +1748,13 @@ public partial class ChronoJumpWindow
protected void on_encoder_load_signal_row_edit_apply (object o, EventArgs args)
LogB.Information("row edit apply at load signal");
LogB.Information("row edit apply at load signal. Opening db:");
//1) select set
int setID = genericWin.TreeviewSelectedUniqueID;
EncoderSQL eSQL_set = (EncoderSQL) SqliteEncoder.Select(false, setID, 0, 0, Constants.EncoderGI.ALL,
EncoderSQL eSQL_set = (EncoderSQL) SqliteEncoder.Select(true, setID, 0, 0, Constants.EncoderGI.ALL,
-1, "", EncoderSQL.Eccons.ALL, false, true)[0];
//2) if changed comment, update SQL, and update treeview
......@@ -1761,7 +1763,7 @@ public partial class ChronoJumpWindow
if(comment != eSQL_set.description)
eSQL_set.description = comment;
SqliteEncoder.Update(false, eSQL_set);
SqliteEncoder.Update(true, eSQL_set);
//update treeview
......@@ -1775,26 +1777,27 @@ public partial class ChronoJumpWindow
//change stuff on signal
EncoderSQL eSQLChangedPerson = eSQL_set.ChangePerson(idName);
SqliteEncoder.Update(false, eSQLChangedPerson);
SqliteEncoder.Update(true, eSQLChangedPerson);
//select linkedReps (if any)
ArrayList linkedReps = SqliteEncoder.SelectSignalCurve(
false, setID, -1, -1, -1); //DBopened, signal, curve, msStart, msEnd
true, setID, -1, -1, -1); //DBopened, signal, curve, msStart, msEnd
//change stuff on repetitions (if any)
foreach (EncoderSignalCurve esc in linkedReps)
EncoderSQL eSQL = (EncoderSQL) SqliteEncoder.Select(false, esc.curveID, 0, 0, Constants.EncoderGI.ALL,
EncoderSQL eSQL = (EncoderSQL) SqliteEncoder.Select(true, esc.curveID, 0, 0, Constants.EncoderGI.ALL,
-1, "curve", EncoderSQL.Eccons.ALL, false, true)[0];
eSQLChangedPerson = eSQL.ChangePerson(idName);
SqliteEncoder.Update(false, eSQLChangedPerson);
SqliteEncoder.Update(true, eSQLChangedPerson);
//TODO: make the current set on app1 unsensitive, because maybe we changed the already loaded set
protected void on_encoder_load_signal_row_delete_pre (object o, EventArgs args)
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