Commit 74987592 authored by Xavier de Blas's avatar Xavier de Blas

Webcam end stops 2s. later with a Timeout. Allow short tests recording

parent 52360900
......@@ -47,6 +47,8 @@ public partial class ChronoJumpWindow
private enum WebcamEncoderFileStarted { NEEDTOCHECK, RECORDSTARTED, NOCAMERA }
private WebcamEncoderFileStarted webcamEncoderFileStarted;
private WebcamEndParams webcamEndParams;
//should be visible on all contacts, but right now hide it on force sensor and runEncoder
//but we need database stuff first
......@@ -146,7 +148,6 @@ public partial class ChronoJumpWindow
button_video_play_this_test_encoder.Sensitive = s; //TODO:jugar amb la sensitivitat de aixo quan hi ha o no signalUniqueID
//can pass a -1 uniqueID if test is cancelled
private void webcamEnd (Constants.TestTypes testType, int uniqueID)
......@@ -168,17 +169,52 @@ public partial class ChronoJumpWindow
Webcam.Result result = webcamManage.RecordEnd (1);
if(! result.success)
Webcam.Result resultExit = webcamManage.ExitAndFinish (1, currentSession.UniqueID, testType, uniqueID, guiContactsEncoder);
if(uniqueID != -1 && ! resultExit.success)
new DialogMessage(Constants.MessageTypes.WARNING, resultExit.error);
new DialogMessage(Constants.MessageTypes.WARNING, result.error);
button_video_play_this_test_sensitive (webcamEndParams.guiContactsEncoder, false);
webcamEndParams = new WebcamEndParams(1, currentSession.UniqueID, testType, uniqueID, guiContactsEncoder);
LogB.Information("Preparing to call webcamEndDo() in 2s");
GLib.Timeout.Add(2000, new GLib.TimeoutHandler(webcamEndDo)); //call it later to be able to have some video on a short test like a jump.
//button_video_play_this_test.Sensitive = result.success;
button_video_play_this_test_sensitive (guiContactsEncoder, result.success);
private bool webcamEndDo()
LogB.Information("Called webcamEndDo()");
Webcam.Result resultExit = webcamManage.ExitAndFinish (, webcamEndParams.sessionID,
webcamEndParams.testType, webcamEndParams.uniqueID, webcamEndParams.guiContactsEncoder);
if(webcamEndParams.uniqueID != -1 && ! resultExit.success)
new DialogMessage(Constants.MessageTypes.WARNING, resultExit.error);
button_video_play_this_test_sensitive (webcamEndParams.guiContactsEncoder, resultExit.success);
return false; //do not call this Timeout routine again
//to be able to pass data to webcamEndDo
public struct WebcamEndParams
public int camera;
public int sessionID;
public Constants.TestTypes testType;
public int uniqueID;
public WebcamManage.GuiContactsEncoder guiContactsEncoder;
public WebcamEndParams (int camera, int sessionID, Constants.TestTypes testType, int uniqueID, WebcamManage.GuiContactsEncoder guiContactsEncoder)
{ = camera;
this.sessionID = sessionID;
this.testType = testType;
this.uniqueID = uniqueID;
this.guiContactsEncoder = guiContactsEncoder;
//do this to start them at the "same moment"
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