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    Uses the version from the output of "git describe" instead of hardcoding in configure.ac. · 94d16f33
    Carles Pina i Estany authored
    autoconf now executes "git describe" to know which version is going to
    build. The version depends on the latest git tag (see howto_new_release.txt).
    There are two versions: the AssemblyVersion (which is like 1.6.2, since
    it only accepts this format) and the new buildInfo.chronojumpVersion and
    buildInfo.chronojumpLastCommitTimestamp (not used at the moment).
    The buildInfo.chronojumpVersion is used as display string: it's like
    1.6.2 if it's a build from a tag or
    1.6.2-number_of_commits_since_last_tag-commit_hash. This way we can
    identify the build uniquely even if it was from a specific branch.
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