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    0.6-pre11 -new dir structure: +every make creates stuff in "build" dir. · 01839d61
    Xavier de Blas authored
    -new dir structure: 
      +every make creates stuff in "build" dir.
      +create_release copies from "build". Now there's no need of create_release for local compiling
      +create release also does a tar.gz and a zip (both with windows and linux executables)
    -double-click/crash init also writes info about send an email. Improves: 478176
    -weight Percent or Kg added to preferences (improved also gui). Works on treeviews, statsWindow, simple jumps with weight, report. Re-fixes (improves): 478168
    -we generally use now Kg instead of % (weightStatsPercent by default as False)
    -improved person selector in stats comboCheckboxesOptions (only shows persons in current stat) (works for simpleSession and multiSession). Imrpves 478168
    -automatic stats updating deactivated until found the crash-deadlock. Fixes bug: 478165
    -treeviews are not minimized by default at any task (ir remembers last state) Fixes bug: 478170
    -fixed bug when editing a rj jump weight converted to 0
    -change on preferences(height, weigh, digits) auto changes stats
    -added attention message on edit jump (when changing weight)
    -updated translations: catalan, spanish
    -added juanfer to AUTHORS file
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=296
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