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    Autotools support for ChronoJump · 9a969c9b
    Andoni Morales authored
    	Support to generate cross-platform Makefiles using autotools
            The first time you checkout the repository you need to generate
    	the 'configure' script and the 'Makefile.in' templates by running:
            $ sh autogen.sh
    	This script will generate the 'configure' script and the 'Makefile.in' templates
    	from configure.ac and Makefile.am. It will also  call the 'configure' script for you,
    	which will generate all the 'Makefile' files from the 'Makefile.in' templates.
    	'autogen.sh' should be called for each change in configure.ac or Makefile.am files.
    	This script is targetted for developpers, to avoid polluting the repository with
    	extra files.
    	After running 'autogen.sh' once, you will usually use the following commands:
     	$ ./configure
    	$ make
    	# make install
    	You can create a tarball for the current version (stored in configure.ac) using:
    	$ make dist
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