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chronojump 0.5
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- hability of creating a jump or run in a selected value (if was obtained with mini, by example) do a simulate, and later edit with a edit jump widget with more power [DONE]
- print rjevolution consecutives in colors in the stats treeview
- Chronojump will be a tool for training, not only for showing the results of train:
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	- add realtime info of every reactive jump and intervalic run [DONE for jumpsRj, runs pending]
	- play a sound of different tone depending the evolution of rjs
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Xavier de Blas committed
- edit reactive jump and intervalic run [DONE]
- stats checkboxes selectable by an outside combo with (all, none, invert, man, woman, ...) [DONE]
- chronojump should be able of reading from usb with a serial-usb cable (usually /dev/ttyUSB0), and with a pcmcia (usually /dev/ttyS1) or others. Store in sqlite preferences [DONE] 
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chronojump 0.6
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Xavier de Blas committed
- jumpers in a left treeview instead of in the toolbar
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- user defined numeric variables (ask for including in stats, graphs) (height, weight, sex are some of them) this can be always the same for a subject, or change every session
- user defined non-numeric variables like sport (football, basquetball, ...)
- XY graphs between any two variables (also non-numeric)
- allow height and weight change for a different person in time and use it in intersession stats
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- add conditions for finishing a rj jump or interval run ("when Q index is under x three times" ...) 
- convert all combos to non-writable (gtk-2.0 ?, glade-2.0?)
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chronojump 0.7
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- add runs stats and graphs (with last numeric values and height, weight, ... evolution)
- start rhythm code