Commit f5b607df authored by Nikolaus Waxweiler's avatar Nikolaus Waxweiler

Use Designspace file to produce binaries

parent c8d48bcf
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...@@ -23,9 +23,10 @@ output_dir = Path(args.output_dir) ...@@ -23,9 +23,10 @@ output_dir = Path(args.output_dir)
[ [
args.fontmake, args.fontmake,
"-g", "-m",
source, source,
"-i", "-i",
r"^((?!Interpolated).)*$", # Generate all instances except the ones for testing.
"-o", "-o",
"otf", "otf",
"--verbose", "--verbose",
custom_target( custom_target(
'cantarell-fonts', 'cantarell-fonts',
input: 'Cantarell.glyphs', input: 'Cantarell.designspace',
output: [ output: [
'Cantarell-Thin.otf', 'Cantarell-Thin.otf',
'Cantarell-Light.otf', 'Cantarell-Light.otf',
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