Commit 5275c2bb authored by Nikolaus Waxweiler's avatar Nikolaus Waxweiler

Set UseTypoMetrics flag

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Next version:
- Added variable font, TrueType flavor. No hinting for now.
- Static fonts use same rounding method as varLib uses for the variable font.
- Set the UseTypoMetrics flag. This is recommended by the OpenType
specification but will result in line-height spacing problems in various
places, as the typo line height is generally ignored. May be reverted.
- Fixed Ustraight-cy (U+04AE), ustraight-cy (U+04AF), Ustraightstroke-cy
(U+04B0), ustraightstroke-cy (U+04B1), they didn't have a proper production
name before and may not have been properly accessible.
......@@ -55,6 +55,10 @@
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